May 4, 2010

My Five Favorite Posts of Mine from the first year

So, despite recent neglect, the blog is more than a year old now. It's had some points where people were reading it, and it had more when they weren't. But here we are now, and having looked back on all of my posts, I've narrowed it down to my five favorite ones.

One that I'm happy didn't have to make this list is my post of rejected McSweeney's pieces. Not because I didn't like the content of them, but I'm happy to say McSweeney's did take a piece that I wrote! (I know that was forever ago, and you've probably heard about it already, but what the hell.

1. The One Where I Got Thanked By The Folks Behind Nelson Mandella's Favorite African Folk Tales
By far the best response I've gotten from a post, and I don't even get half of the response Kimya gets. Also, it was fun ripping the Grammys. Oscars post didn't half as well.

2. The One Where I Ate A Whole Bag of Dum Dum Lollipops
This didn't really get me anything more the maybe diabetes one day. But I had a lot of fun. I intend on ranking more things in the upcoming posts.

3. Probably the most political I've gotten on the blog
But I think overall that whole post was just silliness with a good message. Plus is started our blog's friendship with those over at Gay Volt

4 and 5: My Fashion Blogs
Kimya is always talking about fashion. I know nothing about fashion. I still wrote two pieces abot it though. This one had some useful tips, while this one, which was also my first top 5 list, was far more nerdy, as I tend to be.

So those are what I consider to be my magnum opi of the blog. Here's to a year of paying more attention to the blog.

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