January 15, 2010

Neato-O Jams: Vampire Weekend


So I go to Emerson College and I like Vampire Weekend. I know, totally unoriginal, and it's probably the only "hipster" part of me (I loathe American Apparel, sorry). But I think they're pretty great. They're songs are upbeat, fun to dance around to and definitely inspiring. The beats are African inspired which I think is what sets their sound apart, but this new album "Contra" definitely feels a little bit more California than their self-titled first album which was very east-coast themed. I think that they definitely moved in a new direction, but still kept the kind of originality that keeps them great. By the way, does anyone know who the girl is on the cover?

I'm definitely hoping to see them soon in Boston come April.

Anyone wanna be my date?

Enjoy "Cousins" from "Contra"

Have a happy weekend!


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