January 14, 2010

Possibly the Most Scattered Blog I've Ever Done.

Places I'm Hoping To See In Europe Even Though I Don't Know What's There or; Zach is an uncultured jackass American
1. Luxembourg - I don't know why, I've just got an obsession with Luxembourg
2. Berlin - I know there used to be a wall there, but not much else.
3. Copenhagen - Was Hamlet from thre? There's an Anarchist commune called Christiania right outside, but I don't have the hardon for Anarchism that some of my friends do. It still would be cool.
4. Anywhere is Scandanavia - Just because I want to see Secular, Democratic Socialism working at its finest.
5. Bordeaux - There's really no point in going to Paris without Kimya, but I kind of still want to check out France. Bordeaux is another place I saw on the map. It does look very nice though.

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