January 17, 2010

Top 5 Best Songs to Set for your iPod Alarm

I usually set my phone to alarm me of the morning. I had been thinking about this because I thought I wasn't going to be having my phone in the Netherlands.(I will, but please don't call me unless you need to.) So these are, through my research the best songs to wake up to.

5. DMX - Party Up
I have in the past referred to this song as "musical cocaine" because for some inexplicable reason, this song pumps me up like no other. I don't know why.

4. Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken
In the exact opposite fashion of the previous entry, this one is nice and mellow and it is fitting. It answers your questions right away, like "Why am I no longer dreaming about fields of butterscotch and Ted Danson?" Oh, because Morning has broken. However, this only works if you're waking up early, because if you've set your alarm to wake you up at like 1pm to that song, you'll just feel like an ass.

3. Beck - Debra
Also a mellow one. But really I think what makes this a really good alarm song is that its 13 minutes long, with like 7 minutes of silence if you have the album version, which is supposed to be a hidden track, but kind of just works like a built in snooze button.

2. James Brown - Sex Machine
The lyrics of the song are "Get Up, Get On Up". Are you going to ignore the words of the Godfather of Soul?

1. Any song that you want to hate.
FACT: Nobody likes waking up in the morning. If you set a song to wake you up, it will be the bane of your existence and correlated in a Pavlovian way with the worst part of your day. So if there's a pop song that you're embarrassed that you like, set it to your alarm and in a matter of like two days you will hate its guts.

So basically, theres my list.

Another tip I'd like to offer, is if you're going to fall asleep to music make sure you do it to a playlist. Or else you'll end up like my friend Jerry who put this on to go to bed:

And around two in the morning it switched to this:

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