January 25, 2010

My Third Comic, or as I prefer Joke(ft. Illustration)*

So I've already turned jokes into comics here and here, and I kind of enjoy them even though Mac doesn't have a program that accommodates haphazard work quite like MS Paint does. Anyway, this is another of my comics, that I hope you enjoy, very loosely based on a conversation between me and my friend Chris.

(The current size of this picture are awful, click on it so its more readable)

*BONUS MINI-RANT: Is anyone else frequently annoyed by songs that are listed as Song Title (ft. Other Artist)? I feel it makes the song far less memorable. It's not new for artists to work on other artists songs doing backup singing and such, but you'd never see a song listing like "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon (ft. Mick Jagger), or "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles (ft. Eric Clapton). Sure include it in the album notes, but its not necessary in the title, all that does is screw up the organization of my iTunes.

This is especially prevalent in rap/hip-hop songs, and especially creepy in those songs of the love song-ish genre. If you're really singing about loving a girl, why do you want someone else to have a part in that? What if you were out on a romantic evening with a girl you really cared about and then 2/3rds the way through the night T-Pain joined you guys on the romantic carriage ride through the park.

On second thought... that might be the most awesome thing ever.


  1. 這一生中有多少人擦肩而過?而朋友是多麼可貴啊!..................................................

  2. Sweetie, you do realize that George Harrison was a Beatle? This makes it impossible for a song to be listed as The Beatles (ft George Harrison).

  3. Oh damnit, I just realized that mistake. I know it doesn't matter anymore, but I'm changing it.