August 7, 2009

Zach recommends ft. my first comic

I want to get as much of this written before I'm out of work as possible... HERE WE GO!

Not Wasting Your Money on G.I. Joe
I know what you're thinking, it's not going to be great but at least there will be good action scenes. Well, I saw it last night, and other than some sweet ninja fights, there's not a lot to offer. The one with real potential where they're going through the streets of Paris had potential, but instead they just fitted the car in front of Duke and Ripcord with a plow that could apparently launch cars into the air, so it really just became ten minutes of avoiding what appeared to be the same car over and over again. Overall, it just feels like nothing happened in this movie, everything that did happen could have probably been accomplished in one episode of the show, and that's 22 minutes with a PSA at the end. Also, not helping was the fact that Channing Tatum can't act, but continues to get bigger parts than I ever will.

Abbey Road
40 years ago tomorrow, the famous Abbey Road album art was photographed. I love the Beatles, and have for about ten years of my life, but I consistently leave them out of a list of my favorite bands. Why? If I had to guess it's because I see saying the Beatles are your favorite band as similar to saying Shakespeare is your favorite author. I mean, sure it's great but the universal and timeless cultural significance outweighs anything I could ever say about them. Another reason I never consider them my favorite is because, like Shakespeare, it is silly to talk about their works in general. I never talk about the music of the Beatles, I talk about Abbey Roaad, The White Album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, etc. etc. But I digress, Abbey Road has great hits on A Side, and I personally love the songs at the end that are more powerful played together than apart.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Do you like it? Has this joke been done before?

Okay, granted I only started reading it, but I think everyone should to set something straight: Dorian Gray is more handsome, more badass and more latently homosexual than any lame-ass vampire. Also, Oscar Wilde wrote it, discussion over.

Watching TV almost exclusively from Hulu.
Specifically Arrested Development, which I am now hooked on and sad that I'm almost on the last episode. Anyone have any shows to recommend for me to watch all the way through on Hulu? You recommend pretty much anything and I probably haven't seen it. I've been thinking of Spaced, or maybe the last couple of seasons of Monk, since I stopped keeping up with it. If you recommend me something I might blog about how special you are to me.


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  1. Definitely watch Spaced, and if you haven't watched Dr. Horrible, watch it. Good joke about Dorian. You seen LXG?