October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Rules

via lovely little things

Hello all,

I've had a wonderful weekend, just hanging out with my BFFL and blogmate, Zach. It's been very relaxing weekend and I've gotten several things done. One awesome thing I found out about was a delicious bar of chocolate called "Chocolove" that comes in exotic flavors with a love letter written on the inside. I thought this idea was absolutely brilliant and perfect for the couple looking for a sweet sweet at the candy stand of a movie theatre. (which we were ;)

As of now, I'm catching up on reading my favorite blogs, and working on becoming inspired by all the wonderful things fall has to offer whilst watching Knocked Up.

Tomorrow, I'm making a trip to Trader Joe's and Copley Square Farmer's Market for some delicious treat. Also considering trying to make homemade pizza, I'll let you all know if it comes to fruition.

Enjoy the last bit of the three day weekend all!


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