October 13, 2009

Zach talks sports (like a man)

NFL News:


That's all I have to say about the NFL.

(Also, I'm sorry I made fun of you so much Chad Henne)

MLB News
I'm always so conflicted about baseball. After all, my mom's family is mostly Yankees fans, my dad's a Mets fan, and I live in Boston. My verdict? Well the goddamn season takes too long. So what happens is I want to start paying attention towards the end of the season, except then all the teams have clinched so the end of the season becomes like exhibition games, so I get uninterested again just for long enough for the Red Sox to be eliminated, and again I'm not interested. Give me a 16 game season any day.

NBA News
Preason has started, and I've decided I need to pick a team to root for in the NBA, because as it is now, I really don't care. I've limited it down to five teams.

1. New York Knicks
I used to root for the Knicks, it was pretty much only for a year, and it happened to be the year that they made it to the championship. So maybe I'm like there good luck charm or something. The problem is they are in fact the Knicks and being a Knicks fan is kind of like being a socially-accepted masochist.

2. New Jersey Nets
Being from New Jersey, I feel like I should have some liking of a team from my home. Truth is though, Nets could move back to Brooklyn whenever, and in terms of NJ teams I'm far more likely to root for the Devils. Also, they're just boring as hell. The Nets? Thats a piece of equipment for the game. There's no team called the San Jose Half Court Lines.

3. Boston Celtics
I love my city, so I should support them in their sporting adventures, I'm indifferent about the Bruins, I have a extreme distaste for the Pats, and I'm not fully behind the Sox, though I'll root for them. Also, Irish heritage is there in the name "Celtics", even if I wish they'd pronounce the name with the hard c like the my ancestral tribes. Also, they win sometimes, and the last time I rooted for a championship team was the Devils in the 90s, and I don't even think

4. San Antonio Spurs
This is Kimya's team, and I might adopt them, because it'd be cute. This way when I miss her next semester I can just cry into my Tim Duncan jersey and then I'll feel better.
(Also, the only reason I knew that Tim Duncan played for the Spurs was because he killed the Knicks in the championship in '99)

5. Toronto Raptors
Why? Well they take their name from a DINOSAUR. The team is named after velociraptors. I can't think of a reason why everyone doesn't root for them. And they're from Canada. Go Canada.

Also, if I may, I recommend the piece on 11points of reasons why you should stop crapping on the WNBA. Kinda makes you think.

- Zach

p.s. The inspiration for this post was pretty much entirely the fact that Kimya thought how intense I was about the Dolphins last night was cute.

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