October 10, 2009

Autumn has arrived!

via so about what I said...
Hi guys!

All my suitemates/friends are out for the weekend, so I am spending as much time with Zach and Rae as possible so I don't feel lonely.

Yesterday we saw Zombieland at Somerville Theatre for $5 which also gave us a free pass to their basement to see the "Museum of Bad Art," which was bad....yet, awesome. Then we wondered around drizzly Davis Square. We Zach and I got back we headed to our Friday night staple of trivia at the Trident (which we swept as usual).

Today holds even more promise! So, when am I supposed to get all this work done?!?! Ok, it's not really THAT much, but I like ot get things done as early as possible. The perils of proactivity.

I'm really feeling the fall weather, I think if I hit up H&M next weekend for some more sweaters, then I'll REALLY feel like autumn has arrived.

Have a splendid loooong weekend!

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