August 8, 2009

Parisian Street Life and Robert Doisneau

Hello there,

There are a few things keeps me afloat as of late. The solace and comfort of my bed, the promise of a quickly-approaching fall, and some lovely prints that I purchased at a great price this weekend.

I purchased 14 photographic prints of famed French photographer Robert Doisneau for $10, and they are so lovely. The theme is black and whites of Parisian street culture that to me are so iconic of the city (im my mind, because I've never been) and that just touch my heart is such a magical and exciting way.

They will be decorating my room in a few weeks, so I will wake up in the morning and sigh as I dreamily reminded that somethings in the world are still beautiful and pristine.

Here are some of the images that I purchased:

Have a happy weekend and dream of Paris,


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