July 7, 2009

Tuesday Top 5: Favorite Humorous Picture Blogs

Special Notice: Although our readership is still very low, we've reached a landmark this week, having TWO ABBA references on our front page. Yeah, it's pretty important.

But moving on, I have my top 5 for this week, which is my top 5 Humorous Picture Blogs. Yeah, its weird but what the fuck let me just go with it...

And because I've already mentioned awkwardboners.com and Kimya has already posted about awkwardfamilyphotos.com, I'm gonna leave those gems out of this.

5) Manbabies.com

Take a picture of a man with a baby, switch the heads, basic stuff. Awesome stuff.

4.Look at that fucking Hipster

I go to Emerson, so there will always be a soft spot in my heart for hipsters. But right next to it is a soft spot for making fun of hipsters.

3. Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook

This is something I recently discovered and am completely in love with. It's not as funny as some of the other blogs on here, but its totally relateable to anyone who's parents have joined facebook.

2. Graph Jam

Can someone make me a giant poster of this?

1. Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid?

There are many people who when they feel bad about themselves, try and stay positive and think of the good in their life. Many other people try and look at how awful the average person in the world is, and then start to feel better about themselves. Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid is perfect for this occassion. Also, Pregnant Teens and White Trash are ALWAYS hilarious. Always.

I'm gonna look at some horrible people to balance my own shortcomings.

- Z-Dawg.

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