July 6, 2009

ABBA much?


Yesterday, I was incredibly sad because I was missing the boy, so I bought a new pair of shoes, and then I felt less sad. I was still missing the boy, mind you, but missing him with a snazzy new pair of heels on. Zach agreed that this was a valid coping method, but what do YOU think dear readers? Am I an awful, materialistic human being or do you totally know where I'm coming from? I think they would look wonderful with a light, airy chiffon colorful A-line dress. I'm considering pairing them with shorts (not denim) with a cotton peasent top. Is that too 70's? Anyway...

Here they are! They have this cool 70's vibe, but in a more updated way. I feeling like a dancing queen (see, I tied it in with the title!)

Also, here's Paolo Nutini singing "New Shoes" which pretty much encapsulates my feelings about this particular situation.

Happy Monday Ya'll!


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