June 19, 2009

Zach's Getting out of here, it's his vacation...

Don't bother me it's friday! Oh shit, today is recommendation day, isn't it? Why did I make my one dedication to this blog be on Friday?

Well I'm leaving on vacation in the morning, and frankly there's nothing I have to tell you.

You want something music related? R. Kelly has a new Demo CD out with DJ Skee and DJ Drama. Granted, I'm the guy who's more excited about the next installment of "Trapped in a Closet", than I am about the second coming of any other savior.

What else do I usually do? Some websites? Funnyexam.com is good, it's all funny exam answers.

Here's something to do: Figure out the big corporate scheme. I don't mean like huge conspiracies, just the little things, like how Clorox owns Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. How are these things related other than corporate greed? Figure all this shit out and I'll give you a medal. I'll give you two if you can figure out how to topple their schemes.

Yeah, I'm ready to go on vacation... What's that you're saying to me, fictional being that actually reads my blog? I usually put a Youtube video at the end of my posts? Well seeing as I'd like to welcome Kimya back from her vacation, I give you this reminder of what city Kimya lives in....

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