June 17, 2009

(Almost) Tuesday Top 5: YouTube videos for all ages.

So the internet was down in my office yesterday, and everyone knows the only free time I have to dick around on the internet is, so I didn't get to post my Tuesday Top 5, even though I had it planned out.

So I brought my laptop over to my dad's house over the weekend and I decided to show the magic of the internet to my little brother and sister, 6 and 3 respectively, Aidan and Emma respectively. The problem is most YouTube videos I watch are either 1) Inappropriate for children or 2)Follow a different comedy structure that doesn't make sense if you're not used to it, which little kids are not.

This made me compile a list of five videos that both myself and my brother and sister can enjoy.

5)Hey Africa!
First of all, I think Picnicface is the best sketch comedy troupe on YouTube and this video is one of my favorites. The fact that the cursing already censored out leads me to believe this video was semi-created for everyone to watch. Also, as Aidan was so apt to point out, he has a funny moustache.

4. Cool Ball Trick
This is a pretty cool video of something I wish I could do. Notice I called this video "Cool Ball Trick", because naming a video "BALL TRICK!!!!! JAMES STEWART" is unacceptable. There far too many exclamation points in the title, one for each second long the video is, and putting your name in the title is okay, but not when it's just going to fuck up the person who is seaching for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on YouTube.

3. Quick Change Artists
Everyone loves a great magic trick. Everyone except Shotgun Mike, who, while watching this video just kept saying "These people aren't real... these people aren't real, they never went to Catholic school...", I guess magic freaks you out more when you feel an need to explain it.

2. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
This video is old as hell. I don't know how old it is, but it's at least 10 years old. Is there an internet hall of fame we can retire this to?

All I can say is Emma was adorable going around the house singing this after we watched it.

1.Charlie Bit Me
I shouldn't have even posted this one, because everyone has seen it, except for 6 and 3 year olds. But between the adorable accents, and the relatable baby sibling behavior, they both realized how funny it was. It was like a sitcom to them. I will however post this video because you're all going to want to watch it right about.... now.

Pax, Amo.
- Zach

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