June 1, 2009

Happy Promming Kids!

Senior Prom at my Alma Mater* is tonight.

Ah, prom, the most awkard years of your life. Anyone who knows me probably knows how I feel about prom. I personally think if I'm going to be dressed up really nice and spend way too much money, there should probably be hookers and blow involved. Regardless, I went to prom twice, because I feel like if you don't go at least once you might feel missed something fun. Plus my junior prom kinda sucked and I hoped Senior Prom might fix that.

But everyone knows Prom is really about the after party. Kids from North Jersey and New York go to Seaside and rent a house for the weekend. Living twenty minutes from Seaside, I went to the house of somebody I knew, which is sort of the same except with a looming "OH SHIT SOMEONE HAS TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE AFTER TONIGHT AND THEY ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING FROM UPSTAIRS".

Now I have one piece of advice to give to those going to an afterparty: Drink a lot and stay the night. I didn't drink at my afterparty, and it was a mistake. If you're at the afterparty, you have all these formal growing up emotions, and chances are you are trying to hook up with someone who is at this afterparty, your date or otherwise. Fucked up shit it is bound to happen, and being sober, or even mostly-sober, at an afterparty is kind of like undergoing a surgery, double-bypass on your social life, without anesthesia.

And now, Ghetto Fabulous Prom Pictures from www.i-am-bored.com

- Zach

*Can someone explain this phrase to me. I took Latin in high school,
and I know Mater is a form of Mother, probably, and I probably learned what Alma means but forget. The point I'm making is why does this term signify the school you went to as well as the school's song? This was always for too confusing for me.

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