June 5, 2009

Fiery, Free, Friday....Recommendations.

Oh man, it's already Friday, and it's already recommendation day! I know you've had it marked off on your calendar so I'm gonna cut right to the chase...

I'm going to do something different today and give a

Okay, so I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but the preivews look good, the reviews look good, and goddamnit, it's ZACH GALIFANAKIS! And ED HELMS! And THE OTHER GUY! There's no way this won't be great.

Are awesome. They are warm, they are beautiful, you can get drunk and try to light a cigarette on the fire and engulf your hair in flames(I don't know anyone who has done that, but there's a good chance I will eventually). You can have a safe and legal one in a fire pit, but that's totally too safe, I prefer a hole in the ground full of brush on a beach or otherwise. Also, Marshmallow roasting - case closed.

Deadliest Warrior
If you haven't seen this show, its a very simple concept they take two warriors (like Knight vs. Warrior or Yakuza vs. Mafia or Brown vs. Board of Education), then analyze their weapons to determine, through a computer, who would in a fight. Now this completely dorky and make you yell at the screen quite often.. ( A NINJA WOULD TOTALLY BEAT A SPARTAN YOU PRICKBAGS!) It's still pretty interesting.

Free Shows
Comedy, Music, Art... really anything. The problem with no longer living in a city is there aren't a lot of free things, other than like Old People stuff. (I dont' fucking know).So when I find something great and free, like the Helicopter Dance Off Improv Show at the Inkwell in Long Branch, I get excited. Okay, so I didn't really find it, I got the facebook invite because I'm friends with some of the people in it, but they're still really good and really free.(More free than most free shows). I mean, even a bad free show is still free.
By the way, check out HDO at helicopterdanceoff.blogspot.com
Very Funny.

Muthafuckin' Tetris!
Tetris celebrates it's 25th birthday tomorrow. It was originally created by the USSR as part of Cold War Arms Race in retalliation to the US Government's creation of crack cocaine. To this day, Tetris is the only thing that comes close to rivaling crack's addictiveness. Have fun wasting hours of your life this weekend waiting for the long block to come and help you clear the goddamn board.

And now... a picture of me as the L Block, along with my friend Marc as the I block.

Wizard People, Dear Reader. The Hilarious Brad Neely, of Professor Brothers fame, tells his own version of Harry Potter. Okay, so it's kinda old but it's new to me. Also, it's the msot amazing thing ever. Here's part 1....

- Zach

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