June 6, 2009

Tim Gunn is a Superhero

I literally just saw this story 2 minutes ago, and HAD to re-blog it. You all know by now how addicited to fashion I am, and loving Project Runway comes with that territory. Since I started watching the show in its second season, I fallen in love with Tim Gunn like the rest of America. I've commented on numerous occasions about how I wish he was my gay uncle, because he is so sweet and fabulous. Well, apparently, the people at Marvel Comics are making him a superhero! Tim Gunn will jump into the Ironman suit to save New York Fashion Week from hooligans and misfits. What fun! I don't know ANYTHING about comic books and was never really interested, but I have lots of friends who are fans, but this one I just may pick up.

This is what Tim Gunn has to say on the matter: “I’m not certain of the particulars of how I’ll be portrayed, but I’m really excited about it,” Mr. Gunn said. “To say I’m a character in a comic book is wild!” Ugh, how cute is he!


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  1. this sounds amazing!!!! i'm soooo pumped! combining my two favorite things iron man and tim gunn! :D