June 11, 2009

Decline to Mediocrity and Well-Marketed Banality going on tour together.

So according to Pitchfork, we can expect a Lady Gaga-Kanye West Tour. This is the worst tour I've heard of since I heard that one time on the radio that Motley Crue was touring with Hinder (and then proceeded to crash into the closest thing to me).

I know Kimya is a big Kanye West fan, so I'll try to keep this as nice as possible. Sure, I can respect Kanye as a rapper, I even like a lot of his songs. I don't think he's the genius he thinks he is, but his first couple albums are some of the most solid rap albums of the decade. Except now he doesn't even rap, he does this other bullshit, and most of his fans would agree that his ego and fame are getting to him and he's on a decline. He's similar to Michael Jackson in the 80s in this way, as well as the fact that white suburban families probably refer/referred to them as "one of the good blacks".

But when Michael Jackson declined, at least he went all out and starting building ferris wheels in his backyard. Kanye has started his decline much more gradually, and has just become a mediocre guy who sometimes does this sort of singing thing. Want proof that he's mediocre?

From the Pitchfork article:
Leave it to Kanye to get Lady Gaga on the front page of Pitchfork. The rapper made the most of his appearance on "The View" today, announcing a co-headlining tour with the "Poker Face" pop freak...

That's right... Kanye was on The View.

Want more proof he's declining to mediocrity? Well... he's touring with Lady Gaga.

It has finally dawned on me why she is called "Lady Gaga", even though I just read the story on Mental_floss.

"When music producer Rob Fusari was helping her develop an album, Queen’s 1984 song “Radio Ga-Ga” came on the radio. He immediately made a connection between their old hit and her new sound, saying, “You are so Radio Gaga.” Thus, Lady Gaga was born."

So when she was developing her album, they were listening to other music. That's how bad she is. My theory is that she's called "Lady Gaga" because her music is the equivalent of baby talk. I can't believe that intelligent people I know are buying into her bullshit. Sure she's cute and blonde, but that's all she has going for her. Sure people have called her "the next big thing", but they decided that before I even heard a damn song by her. I know I called her banal already in the headline, but the word fits her so well it bears repeating. LADY GAGA IS BANAL BULLSHIT. About 1% of her songs involve her talent, she is void of any real substance (Even for mindless pop some of which I have a place in my heart for), they've even gotten out to the public that she's bisexual, just to milk a bullshit dollar that Katy Perry set up.

This shit makes me sick. In honor of old-Kanye (can you believe that's already a term???) and seeing The Hangover last night (which was awesome), I present this little ditty, an oldie, but a goodie.

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