June 12, 2009

Zach is cranky, but recommendful.

So basically I said the Hangover was going to be great and it was, so you should always trust my recommendations. ALWAYS.

Let's get right to it...

I need one right now. There's a good chance you need one right now. I'm pretty surprised/depressed that the workplace doesn't have naps. Which is why we should take them. This is probably going to seem like the laziest thing I've ever said, but I think the phrase "carpe diem" is most appropriate when referring to naps.

BBC News
Every snob you will ever meet will tell you it is the only source for news. This is true. Plus I've got a thing going on where I plan on mentioning every part of WNYC's broadcasting by next year. Today I was learning about the Iranian elections. Can you name the two candidtes in the Iranian election? I can. I also enjoy when they tell me that MACH-MOOD ACH-ME-DEN-I-JAD(that may be spelt wrong) is the religious and populist candidate, which proves as much as conservatives may not want to be in relations with him, they're actually far closer idealogically to him.

THe most underused part of a computer. There's literally something there to make you not look like a dumbass who can't spell, and yet some people don't use it. My work computer doesn't have spellcheck in it's web browser(by the way, people still using Internet Explorer... how do you not feel naked?) so I have to be careful, and it sucks to write recommendations when you can't really remember how to spell it. (Recommendations and Tomorrow, I never remember what letter to double.) Use spellcheck kids, it's not hard.

Give me some comments, huh? Ask me questions, and I'll answer them right fuckin' here. How about you recommend some things for me? I'm an open book people, return the favor. I know someone is following this who doesn't know me... I know it!

Bret Michaels getting injured. That is all. (Also NPH being clever)

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