May 8, 2009

To Be Terribly Happy...

Naomi from rockstar diaries has had this really cute project going on on her blog where she asks women from her favorite blogs to name 10 things that make them terribly happy.

Well, I feel as if I need, at this moment, to feel terribly happy.

So here it goes!

10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

1)Reading a book that I just can't put down
2)Being inspired by all of the design blogs that I read
3)Strawberry lemonade on the deck after a late night swim
4)A little retail therapy without the guilt
5)Eating an ice cream cone on Newbury Street whilst people watching
6)Cooking something delicious all by myself
7)Anything with a bow on it
8)Talking about life with my mom over Starbucks
9)Tiny indie movie theatres
10)Boyfriend's kisses

Zach, I encourage you to do this too! It immediately puts you in your happy place.


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