May 10, 2009

The poem I wrote for my mother for her day, which is today.

The Porchlight

A glass of myself
in a far away wonder
On a bed mystified

I'm out of cash
But can't ask for more
My selfish frugality
clashes with my
suppressed love

The end is so nigh
The clocks don't tick
It doesn't matter anyway
The time is well known

On a journey, return
A mythos moth heading to warmth
Embodied upon the shimmer of
A Porchlight

And it is in all of my darknesses
a drive beyond midnight
sailing between the trees
Rising dew of a night rain
And it is maternal love guiding me
A Porchlight

May the winds move my seas
Far and beyond what I imagine
And may my mother be always
Proud and Worried and Wonderful

For whatever my journey be
I am warm and gilded
In knowing my way home
Illuminated for my miles by
A Porchlight


  1. did zach write this?
    props to whoever did, it's beautiful

  2. you are brilliant.... beyond and beyond!!!!!!