May 20, 2009

Americana in Fashion

Nate did an amazing and hilarious guest post below. So bravo to him! As a nod to the USA! chanting, you know I have to bring my own knowledge and view of it into the mix. Thus, an advertisement for Calvin Klein's Spring/Summer '09 Collection, a designer (Francisco Costa) who does an excellent job of turning the Americana spirit into fashion design.
This garment is so amazing because it is truly a piece of art, a piece of architecture. That plays heavily into mathenmatics with the symmetry, geometry and proportion. The model is creating the illusion of movement even though the dress seems incredibly stiff. The contrast works very well here and gives it a modern yet ethereal feeling. Minimalism is a huge part of the aesthetic of Calvin Klein, and it has been since the Kate Moss era. The designs are fresh, clean and absolutely breathtaking.

Yay America!


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