May 21, 2009

Friday Reccomendations are picking up Good Vibrations

I've got only a few things to reccomend this week, but they're really good, trust me.

Brian and Dennis Wilson's Solo Albums
Go Ahead. Find them, listen to how crazy these guys went. Here's a little trick to play on yourself while you do it, try and imagine Pet Sounds or any other Beach Boys songs you may know while you're listening to it, and then try and comprehend that it's the SAME FUCKING GUY.
Personally I'm a sucker for lists, and these are all lists of eleven, pretty unorthodox but well pulled off. Most recently, there's a really cool 11 points about twins, which is pretty bizzare. Unless you're reading this post from my archives, in which case something else is the most recent. Just kidding, you're not reading this.

Jersey Mike's Subs
Now normally I'm against chains, but I'm completely biased toward ones that are New Jersey based, Wawa and Jersey Mike's specifically. I've had a Jersey Mike's sub for lunch like every day since being home.(My office has an account, hooray for free lunch)As of yet, I'm not tired of eating them every day.

Making Jokes that Were Relevant in the early 2000s
WAZZZZUPPP! When someone asks you how you're doing, just Let the Dogs Out, and say "better than Enron", and when you lose at anything, Demand a Recount. Politics jokes are great.

Really good set of videos by QualiaSoup, a British Guy who animates these videos that explain, philosophy, chance, and flaws of religion, while not being offensive.

I reccomend checking all of them out.

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  1. This is only for a hug... why are you posting Friday ReCommendations on Thursday? My other comments are#(subtle)#