May 19, 2010

Vintage: I don't think I'm doing it right.

This is a really interesting video from

I'm not totally sold on vintage. I mean it looks great on skinny, rich people, but does it really work for anyone who doesn't fit into those categories. I mean that vintage YSL safari trenchcoat is to die for, but it's probably a size 2 and hundreds of dollars.
I think that there is a fake sense of accessibility when it comes to vintage clothing. You have to really work hard to find something halfway decent (or conversely be able to look good in everything) because a lot of the crap is TACKY. And looks very aged. Great vintage should be pretty timeless or have some cute kitsch to it. I've never been successful at vintage shopping. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a place I MUST visit that is both reasonably priced and carries larger sizes?

Let me know, because these looks the gals are wearing in the video are awfully tempting.


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