May 9, 2010

Perfume Commercials Worth Watching


First off, happy blog-a-versary to ourselves! We've gotten some great feedback by some very kind people about the blog and we are very appreciative for all comments we get, so keep them coming. Summer is always better for blogging because we have more time and commitment for focus on putting up interesting content for our lovely readers so expect a lot more posts!

Perfume commercials are so corny. Some girl with a guy riding on horseback through the woods is lust, or rolling around on the sand in lust, but really, I think that the purposes of perfume is more for the woman! Men don't really care if you wear perfume. They just don't. Perfume is to make the woman feel confident and feminine and sexy (newsflash: women dress for themselves too, not for men). So, the commercial should reflect the affect of the perfume on women. Here are a few that I absolutely love, that I could watch over and over, and end up being very effective because I want to LIVE in these ads.

Here we GO!

1) Miss Dior Cherie (Directed by Sofia Coppola)

I always new being a Parisian girl was like this. This is what I strive for daily...le sigh. What a life!

2)Chloe eau de parfum

It's so simple, and the tossing of hair and giggling is such a sexy, girly thing to do, also notice how these commercials have awesome songs in them.

3) Coco Mademoiselle

I usually think of Kiera Knightly as sort of a tomboy-ish person but she is so glamorous here! Also, has a very important note: Dab perfume behind your knees as well.

Hopefully these might inspire you to some last minute Mother's Day gifts?


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