March 12, 2010

Zach Finally Has Internet So He Can Talk About the Oscars

Okay, so I bashed the Grammys,(And even got a sweet comment by the Nelson Mandella's Favorite Folktales) because they do suck. While the Oscars make mistakes, they are probably the best award show. The rankings go:
1. Oscars
2. Tonys
3. Emmys
4. Grammys
5. Kids Choice Awards(does Nickelodeon really still do this?)
6. Whatever awards MTV does now
7. People's Choice Awards
8. SpikeTV's Manly Man Awards of Man (otherwise known as the "Over-masculinitys)
8. Golden Globes

Speaking of why the Golden Globes suck, let me go to the first point I have to make.

Avatar Losing Out On Pretty Much Everything
This is why the Golden Globes scared me, then again they're the ones who said Atonement was better than No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood (I haven't seen Atonement, but it wasn't). Avatar can have the visual awards as far as I'm concerned, because thats all the movie had. I could probably write a thousand articles about how bad Avatar was. Avatar was so bad it confirmed something I've thought for a long time: Titanic also sucked, and for some reason the Academy enjoyed it. But, nothing could make the travesty of Avatar win, thankfully.

District 9 going 0 for 4
Maybe someone could explain to me the appeal of this movie? I saw it with 6 friends, all of us hated it. The story never went anywhere, had quite a few big plot holes, one of the most unappealing main characters of all time, not to mention that it switched between mockumentary and blockbuster action film whenever it was convenient for the writers. So yeah, I was so pissed off by the popularity of that movie, I didn't want it to win ANYTHING.

Cristoph Waltz winning Best Supporting Actor
I called this one over the summer when I saw Inglorious Basterds. The movie was fueled entirely by his acting (and, ya know... Nazi Killing). Very much deserved. But this wasn't saying much, because Best Supporting Actor is slowly becoming an award given out to a good actor in a successful movie to get people who haven't seen the Best Picture nominees to watch. (see: Heath Ledger's win last year)

Things That Bothered Me:

The Best Documentary Winner is NEVER the one that I think deserves it
Seriously, I was really rooting for Food Inc. this year, but it didn't win. I was pretty indifferent last year, but two years ago Sicko should have won,(I guess it was a few too early for it to be really relevant), and Jesus Camp should have beat an Inconvenient Truth the year before that. (Because an Inconvenient Truth was a boring movie, not because global warming isn't real, you crazies). Before that, Murderball should have beaten March of the Penguins I guess the Academy just hates the documentaries I like.

No wins for A Serious Man or Up In The Air
Okay, the Coens swept 2 years ago so they weren't really due to win anything this year, but Up In The Air was far too wonderful to have gone without a single win. I'm not sure what I would have given it, maybe a Best Supporting Actress (Mo'Nique was great, but do we really need the ads for "Phat Girlz 2 to say "Featuring Academy Award Winner Mo'Nique"? All that can do is harm society.)

Speaking of which....

"Precious" consistently being referred to as "Precious: Based off The Novel Push by Sapphire"
What's the deal there? Nobody would have been confused about what Precious was if they didn't do that. It's not like they called James Cameron's movie "Avatar: Based off of Dances With Wolves, Pocahontas, Ferngully, and a bunch of other movies that totally discredit the originality of the visuals". It was especially annoying that it won best adapted screenplay, because they had to say it twice.

Other Notes:

I really don't care about whether or not Sandra Bullock won
Some people were up in arms about it. I mean I found amusing that she won the Razzie and the Oscar, but on top of that she was actually really good in The Blind Side. And everyone knows the that the 50+ female nominees never win, and neither do the under 21s. And I don't think half of the Academy even saw An Education, so really who else were they going to pick?

Is there really a point to the animated feature award anymore?
Anyone could have told you Up was going to win. The last three have all been Pixar, and 5 out of the 9 times that's been the case. Throw in the fact that Cars was a flop and thats why Happy Feet won, and then all you have is Shrek (a movie with no good sequels), a Miyazaki film, and a Wallace and Grommit film. We might as well just give them all to Pixar for the rest of forever.

Ryan Bingham was both a nominee and a character played by a nominee
So I didn't watch the oscars (you try getting them in a Czech hotel at 3 in the morning) so could someone tell me if they brought this up? It was George Clooney in Up In the Air as well as the guy who sang the theme to Crazy Heart. I just thought this was weirdly interesting. I'm sure someone had to have brought it up seeing as it took me like ten seconds of research to figure that out.

And thats all I have to saaaaaaaayy....

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