February 23, 2010

3 Crazy Things That Are On The Internet.

And the award for vaguest blog title in the world goes to.... Zach from Zach and Kimya!

So for those who don't know, I spend a lot of time on the internet. There's a lot of weird and awesome stuff out there. Mostly weird.

This past week has been pretty successful for finding some crazy stuff. So here's what I've discovered exists on the internet in the past week.

Excerpt of the cool thing I saw in Casino Luxembourg
Contrary to what you believe this is not a Casino, but a modern art museum. Yeah I know, those crazy foreigners.

Anyway, this is an excerpt of a cool art exhibit I saw that was really funny, but the subtitles were in English when I saw it, so I don't know how funny it will be to you. Someone tell me if its funny when you don't see the subtitles. I think its absurd no matter what.


Axe Cop is awesome! A 29 Year Old Comic Book Artist illustrates a comic written by his 5 year old brother, and its quite possibly the most awesome thing of all time. I wish I had a cool older brother like that, or I had the artistic talent to do this with Aidan.


I had heard people joke about this website before, and how its the craziest conspiracy website ever, but I never actually went on it. I went on it yesterday, and I realized that it without a doubt the craziest thing anyone has ever written without going on to kill people (that we know of)

To prove my point, I'm going to scroll to a random point in the long long rant that makes up the website and I guarantee it will be the craziest thing ever written.

I know for a fact that 4 simultaneous 24
hour Days exist within a single rotation
of Earth. Midday is a light race Day.
Sundown is an Asian race Day. Midnight
is a Black Race Day and Sunup is an Indian
Race Day. Erroneous 1 Day 1 God crap
has corrupted human Cubic intelligence.
Genesis 1:5 "first Day"is an evil Lie -
contradicting the whole damn bible sh-it.
Bible and stupid academic ONEness
ignores and obstructs Cubic Creation
Intelligence. Black people should create
a "White Race Appreciation Day"for
all they have sacrificed to help the Black.
Compare the American Black economics
to the African Black environment where
Whites can't own land or vote.

Like I said, the crazies thing ever. Feel free to visit the website if you want your head to explode out of craziness.

So yeah, these are the things most of my time this week has been wasted on. Hope you enjoyed them.

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