January 9, 2010

To Lipstick ot Not to Lipstick...


This year,one of my goals was to take more chances with my fashion choices. So every time I get stuck in a rut, I'll do something new and risky to bring me out of it. One problem is that I don't even know what risky means. Fashion in general is risky, but the type of risk you take depends on what level you're at anyway.

But I found the perfect first challenge for me:

Chanel is coming out with 30 new shades of lipstick, in an effort to bring lipstick back into the handbags of American women.

The article brought up an interesting point, that the world has bred an entire generation or two of lip gloss girls.

Gone are the days of old where lipstick was a staple for American women, I think red lips defines the look of what most of us consider glamorous today. The wavy-haired siren with glistening eyes and lips of crimson.

I want to be a part of the lipstick revolution. Also when the wind blows your hair doesn't stick to it.

I want to try more than fire-engine red, I want lilac and bubble-gum and coral. HOORAH!


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