January 6, 2010

Le Artiste: Gossip Girl Artists

So, I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl in the most heinous fashion.

I got the Season 2 DVD and I've been holed up in my room for the past week and a half watching all 24 episodes of it, and now that I'm done I feel really lonely. Can't wait until Season 3 comes back on January 18th, just in time for MLK Day and my return to Boston. As I finished the 7th disc of the collection, I wasn't ready to give up then, so I watched the DVD extras, which is something I never do, because it bores me quite frankly. But they had this amazing 15 minute feature on the artists behind all the design work on the set, and what really grabbed my attention were the pieces from the Bass/Van Der Woodsen penthouse apartment.

There are two pieces by Richard Phillips: The pop-art piece above the stairwell, and one in Chuck's bedroom.

One thing they made a point about in the feature is that all of the art on the show is from real artists, not ghost designers who are paid to make pieces for the show. All of the art is very current, hip and makes for a very please thing to watch on TV.

The one piece on the show that I am obsessed with in the the entrance of the Bass/Van Der Woodsen apartment: (by Elmgreen and Dragset)

I COVET THIS PIECE, and it could be mine if I had an extra $300 dollars around, thanks to this website.
Anyway, this was one "behind the scenes" glance I didn't miss, and I'm sure fans of the hip NY art scene and fans of the show will appreciate this information.

This should tide you over until GG comes back.


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