January 1, 2010

Something I'd like to do....

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Hi all,

Hope everyone had a fun and SAFE (most important) new year! So the holiday season is over...we all mad it. Hooray. Now its time to stop focusing on other people and focus on ourselves.

What do we want?

What do we need?

What would we like to accomplish?

Take sometime to step back and look at yourself from an outside point of view.

Besides the typical things I want for myself (love, health, happiness)I also have some lofty career goals.

Id like to hone my craft, write more often, read more often, take lessons from my favorite magazine editorials that I so dream of writing one day. Good thing I love what I do...I definitely picked the right profession for myself.

College kids: do you feel like you picked the correct profession? are you reconsidering your life choices? do you want to do something completely different?

Happy first day on 2010.


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