September 3, 2009

Zach on Music: Here Comes Science!

Let's talk children's music....

They Might Be Giants have three Kid's albums out, one about numbers, one about letters, and one just about being a kid. Well here comes the science album, and I must say I LOOOOOVE this song.

This is not a new thing for them to sing songs about science

Here's a live version of "Mammal" of Apollo 18.

Also appearing on this album is there popular cover of the educational song "Why Does the Sun Shine?" by Hy Zaret And Lou Singer. Buuuut, they take it a step further, because the song refers to the sun as "gas" while scientifically, it is actually "plasma", so they threw in a funky follow up song, "Why does the sun REALLY shine?" That's science at work right there!

Here's the already released music video for "Electric Car" featuring John Flansburgh's wife, Robin Goldwasser on vocals.

Are you excited? You should be. And you aren't even a kid.

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