September 2, 2009

If I were Faith Hill...

Hi readers!

This is a fun segment for me becaue I can shop online without any sort of a budget and pretend to be fabulous musicians.

Today's inspiration from Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's duet "Like We Never Loved At All." (Sorry, the video quality is sub-par)

The song is totally corny and I absolutely love it. In my magical, fairytale world where I have 1/8 the voice that Faith Hill does, this would be my duet of choice to sing with one very lucky gentleman.

I love the '60's county vibe of the video, which was a VERY glamorous time for country music. While women elsewhere were burning their bras, Dolly and June were pushing them up higher to match their FABULOUS updos. Faith Hill has the bouffant and the cat-eye eyeliner going down here and she looks just like the picture of femininity and strength.

Love. Her.

Another cool thing about this video is that it's kind of like its own mini-movie where two country music stars named Jackie and Issac, who work together and have a relationship, have a very painful break-up, but alas the show must go on. It's so over the top and theatrical and I think it is just wonderful.

Here's a way you can channel the fabulosity of Faith and other classical beautiful and glamorous country stars to your everyday life:

Rani Dress from Modcloth

Mantel Boot from Steve Madden via Piperlime

Bali earrings from Francesca's Collections

Sunglasses from Burberry via Sunglass Hut

Let's make it over Hump-Day everyone!


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