August 11, 2009

Tuesday Top 5: Reasons The Jersey Shore is Better than Austin

I was supposed to do this last week, but it took a little bit longer to think of five good reasons, still I think I've got it.

5. Avocados aren't available everywhere.
When I was in Austin, I had Turkey & Guacamole, Roast Beef & Guacamole, and avocados on Burgers on more than one occasion. Granted, this was awesome, but it just feels to fad-ish. Like it's the new eccentric food that everyone puts on the menu with everything. I like to enjoy my avocados and guacamole knowing that it's not going to be ruined by 14 year old girls, the way that they killed sushi.

4. The Weather
Having been to Texas I will never complain about the heat here ever again. If you want to know the general climate, just sit in your car with a coyote, that's Texas.

3. Wawa
It can't be explained to anyone not from New Jersey or some parts of Pennsylvania, but Wawa is the greatest. Ever. There's really not a whole lot of explaining that can be done, I guess it's just one of the only thing that's exclusive to the area. And if you have TastyKakes from Wawa, you hit the local jackpot.

2. Top 5 Safest Cities in America!
Brick, New Jersey! It's not like I'm comforted by this or anything, but we need something to appeal to people.

1. This guy is not here:

So there's the other side of the spectrum. I guess every place has it's positives and negatives.

- Zach

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  1. This post was funny as hell. I was just thinking of the avocado issue and realized that along with bacon, those two foods are popping up everywhere from T Bell to casual restaurants.