August 17, 2009

An Affair to Remember: Le sigh...

Hello and Happy Monday,

Well, today, I finally got around to watching "An Affair to Remember." It's been sitting on the kitchen table looking all sad and dejected in it's red Netflix envelope. So, I popped it in and loved it like I knew I would.

And my word! This movie has some of the most gorgeous outfits worn by Deborah Kerr. Just layers of draped slik chiffon, but it looks so modern! Most outfits from older movie look lovely but very dated. I could see these dresses she wore on the red carpet today!

She was also in "From Here to Eternity," which is famous for this shot:

She died in 2007. Boy, was she lovely. And that Cary Grant is dashing too!

You should all do yourselves a favor and just pop in an old romantic movie/comedy. They're a lot more clever and beautiful than today's "blah" one's. May I suggest "The Philadelphia Story" as well (another Cary Grant gem).


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