July 10, 2009

Zach recommends ft. READER INPUT Contest...thing!

Hey, Zach is back at work. Isn't that special?

No. It's not. Let's get to what I recommend.

I wish I could take credit for being the first to note this, but Daniel Tosh is Dane Cook with the ability to write jokes and be funny. I think Tosh.0 has proven that he can hold his own in the comedy world. Every episode so far has been solid, and last night he showed how far he's willing to go when he showed his audience "2 girls 1 cup" and then filmed their reaction. So tasteless, so classic.

Creating your own sandwich
Shotgun Mike and I consider ourselves to be sandwich experts. This is why we are constantly trying to trump each other by making better sandwiches. Just today, Oprah had sandwich episode on, which proves that 1) I'm man enough to admit that if there's something interesting on Oprah, I'm not afraid to watch it, and 2) Sandwiches are appealing to everyone.

If you need help creating a sandwich, play a game called "Sandwich Chicken", which is different that chicken sandwich, which is a delicious type of sandwich. The game works like this: First you take two pieces of bread and a friend and one of you starts.

You: I will eat this sandwich with mustard on it
Friend: I will eat this sandwich with ham on it
You: I will eat this sandwich with cream cheese on it
Friend: I will eat this sandwich with hummus on it.
You: I will eat this sandwich with a Twinkie on it.

And you keep going until one of you deems the sandwich too disgusting to eat. Winner eats the sandwich.

Sometimes it takes a second, but if you look at that picture above you, you will notice that the legs are drastically off from the body. This is what photoshop disasters is about. Mainly I'm including this because I didn't know about it when I made the list of my favorite picture based humor blogs, and I need to give it some honorable mention. It also made me realize that I really should create a segment on this blog that involves humorous pictures. In a quest to look for a theme, I thought of one of my other recommendations for the week...

Whiny Facebook Statuses
The kinds that say "Person X Ugh... I hate my parents" or "Person X is totally trapped by his life". The kind of stuff that people say when they want attention.

So here's what I want you to do. I want you to screenshot some excellently whiny/emo facebook statuses, and send them to me. They will be kept anonymous. Also, bonus points if someone "like"s their whiny status.

Email Whiny Facebook Statuses to zachandkimya@gmail.com

It'll Be Fun. I'll post them when I get a few good ones.

Sterling Ravenbeak is hilarious. Gatorade bit is the best.

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