July 3, 2009

It's been too long... Friday Recommendations

The Wimbledon Finals
This whole Wimbledon has been really good, even without Nadal. I was really rooting for a Haas-Murray final, but alas both lost today. Still there are still two great matches, William sisters playing each other on the Women's Side, Federer and Roddick on the Men's. Some fine tennis, my friends.

The Blogroll
And thanks to Karl from Gay Volt for recommending it to me. Now you can know what are good blogs and what are not. (Hint: Good Blogs are the blogroll) Some of them I have recommended before, some I have not. They is all good.

Great when you're looking for stuff to pay you but you don't want to do any actual jobs. It's a collection of craigslist adds and other strange postings of what people need. Today I sent an e-mail to someone looking for a trivia contest host. I'm hoping, I'm hoping. (Just got an e-mail, I need to find a PA system!!! Can anyone help?)

Chewy Chips Ahoy!
I used to like the regulars, many many years ago. I can't eat them anymore because of the superiority of the Chewy variety. What I'm saying is, I feel like an asshole when I don't eat your cookies because you bought the inferior regular kind, so just everybody buy the chewy kind. Do we get that?


Because baseball used to have Double Headers for important weekends like Fourth of July, but now they don't, I'm going to have Double Headers for important weekends.
In Honor of Fourth of July, and Stupid People

And Since I wanted to add this one to my gay marriage rant and couldn't, here it is...

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