May 14, 2009

I Can See Your Halo...

I cannot even begin to tell you all how in luuurve I am with Beyonce's new song and video "Halo." I think it's a wonderful love song that feels like it actually has real emotion behind it. Lucky Jay-Z, huh? I bought the video off of iTunes, and fell in love. It's so natural because Beyonce's barely wearing any make-up and isn't wearing something fierce, and ethereal from all of the light and the hazy feel of the shots. I just think it was perfectly done to suit the song: sweet and simple.

Related side note: I am so jealous of Beyonce's perfect messy up-do in this video. My ponytails never look like that. She is exquisite. Ugh, can I be Beyonce now please?

Below is the link to the video, for your viewing pleasure:

"Halo" - Beyonce


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