May 18, 2009

8 Things I'm Sure I Did At Padovani's Party.

So for those who don't know, I may or may not have drank a bit too much at Padovani's party, and possibly puked everywhere, but I'm posting this to make everyone aware that despite the fact that my body was super-not-working, my mind was totally intact the whole time.

1) Bragged about my air guitar skills
2) Sang Allison by Elvis Costllo really loud.(At one point changing the words to "Mike Plump... my aim is true"
3) Respectively argued healthcare reform with Sean O'Hearn: I even asked him while it was happening if I was making sense, and I must have because we had intelligent conversation on the matter for a while.
4) Ate the world's biggest bag of skittles: Let me clarify this, there are larger bags of skittles, but this was an average sized bag with an absurd amount of skittles in it. At one point I had all of them in my hands, and an overwhelming orange majority. I literally cried for help to finish the amount skittles that were in my hand. In retrospect, I think that downing the bag of skittles may have been the nail in the coffin
5)Jamison got a job: This is technically not something I did, but I'm putting it on here because I remembered it in the morning and Jamison didn't until I reminded him, which was pretty much what I used to prove that I didn't black out.
6) Was kissed twice by Shotgun Mike: These ones I really can't explain
7) Argued that Casablanca is a great movie: This one was less respectable because from what I recall, it was just some prick from North Jersey who I was arguing with. Also, he had no taste in movies.
8) Had an extreme disliking for Fresh Prince of Bel Air: I've always felt the show was overrated, but it was on and I was alone and it may have caused my vomiting. The characters just seemed so flat. Do I get (more) pretentious when I'm drunk?

Overall, I'd say there was a little too much drinking on my part. But I'm cleansed now, and ready to go back to being a productive member of society. Or at the very least continue to be fucked up, but not in a way that prohibits me from doing basic human tasks.

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