March 8, 2010

Kimya Reviews the Oscars Red Carpet

Hey guys!

I watched the whole Academy Awards on TV last night, I have to say I was pretty entertained the whole way through. It was a good show, not to mention the hosts were excellent and hilarious! But of course more than the exceptional talent there were exceptional designs and couture as well! This is the most glamorous red carpet on the face of the planet and I'm bringing you my opinions of the winners, "meh," and the losers.

Here we goooo....

Charlize Theron: HER DRESS IS MOLESTING HER. This just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Jennifer Lopez:Everyone was freaking out over this dress last night. But for me, it's too poofy and the material looks like cheap bubble wrap.

Sarah Jessica Parker: The neck strap thing looks like it's choking her(she was even pulling on it while she was presenting!) and the top part of the dress pulls away from her body. The color is gorgeous, but the cut of the dress is all sorts of wrong.

Zoe Saldana: It looks like some animals from the dye factory nearly escaped but were caught on the train of Zoe's dress instead. I mean the top, which is the TV shot, looks great, but the rest is pretty tragic.

Diane Kruger: I think Diane has excellent taste and is totally stunning, but maybe she shouldn't have gone with Chanel this time like she always does. The dress is just too much and does nothing for her fantastic figure. Bummed the the two Chanel dresses (this one and SJP's) were losers of the night.

The "Meh" category

Amanda Seyfreid: This is just too much dress, and I'm over the whole Cinderella look anyhow, but she carried it off pretty well. It didn't dazzle me, which is a shame because I think she is so lovely.

Sandra Bullock: The chest was awkward and I'm not sure the color worked on her. The make up and hair was FAB though, and she pulled off the win against all odds so props to her for matching her new golden statue.

Kate Winslet: It's a pretty dress: but it's just that. Nothing interesting or captivating about it. Which is alright because she wasn't nominated.

Miley Cyrus: I actually love this corseted top, it's young and fresh and the color looked great on her, but that weird drop-waist thing was just distracting.

Vera Farminga: I love Marchesa, but the ruffles here were just over powering on her frame, but that deep red was a great choice, and she's just beautiful to begin with.

And now for the WINNERS! Congrats Ladies...
Rachel McAdams:Elie Saab Couture is always a wonderful choice for the red carpet. The cut was gorgeous and the colors were so fresh and unique. She looked just stunning.

Carey Mulligan: She is so elegant and graceful and her dress last night was simple black done right. The jeweling details in the front gave it a little bit of edge and the shoes were great as well. I cannot wait to see her grow as an actress and fashion icon.

Cameron Diaz: I blogged about this Oscar de la Renta dress a few weeks ago! And I noticed it immediately. My jaw dropped when I saw her. The makeup and the hair were so so perfect. I usually don't like her red carpet looks, but I'm so glad that someone wore de la Renta and wore him well.

Gabourney Sidibe: She looked like a queen last night (I really wanted her to win last night!) She pulled this look off with great class and elegance. The color was great and the jeweled detail was just enough and not too distracting.

Anna Kendrick: This dress was both elegant and so sexy with the lace detail at the botton, and the ballerina pink was fabulous on her skin.

What did ya'll think? Did I get it right or am I off my rocker?



  1. I thought Miley Cyrus looked like a hooker.
    Like, I know she's trying to separate herself from the whimsical, pure Disney image; but that doesn't mean I want her breasticles on display.
    And I completely agree on Charlize's dress. Another boobie FAIL.

  2. I loved anna kendrick, sandra and amanda's dress but I didn't like the hairdos except sandra's. Jannifer Lopez's hair was all messed up somehow! You did a great job reporting and commenting on the last night Oscar! Bravo........

  3. I agree about Miley. She had to stand hunched over all night so that she wouldn't fall out of the dress. And although I loved the dress, it was too tight on her so she looked plain frumpy.

    I really liked Cameron's dress, but I didn't think it was flattering to her figure. It made her look extraordinarily tall and a little bloated.

    LOVED everything about Rachel McAdams, as usual. She never ceases to amaze. And I was really disappointed by Kate Winslet, she is usually very elegant and beautiful. And although she wasn't nominated, she was presenting, which is why I wish we had seen better from her. The dress washed her out and the straight-edged sharpness of the cut did nothing for her.

    Great job, Kimya, I agree with your verdict of the night. :)