February 26, 2010

Dance Party Friday!

Hey ya'll!

Today is glorious in Boston. For one, it's finally sunny out and NOT raining. Hooray! Two, I don't have class. Yippee! And three, I'm jamming out. YES!

Nothing can stop me or stand in my way. :)

One artist that I love (who is also great for studying music!) is Andrew Bird. He plays the accordian, violin, and even is somewhat of a professional whistler, which is cute given his last name. I think he's revolutionizing pop-folk. Of course the strumming acoustic guitar which never be completely eradicated, but he adds many different layers and makes something truly original. And how totally cool is it that he always performs in suit?

Anyway, here's "Masterswarm" by Andrew bird. Feel free to whistle along while getting ready.


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