January 28, 2010

Paris Fashion Week: Elie Saab

I have to admit that I'm one of those people that took quite a while to "get" haute couture. Sometimes's it's pretty kooky with the presentation and such, but the garments are beautiful all the same.

These are clothes that belong in museums as artwork.

I could spend hours fawning over the spectacular and crucial detail that goes into making these things. Hand sewn and loved by the designer. These gowns and garments are not made for mass appeal, it's not about making a product that will bring in the bucks, it's purely about art, and how lovely they look placed on the human form walking down an runway or red carpet.

Possibly the most indulgent thing. (All photos accredited to style.com)

Exquisite...I love how the models look as if they are mermaids emerging from the ocean covered in jewel-hued dew.

And they are just begging to be worn on the red carpet.


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