January 12, 2010

Current Muse: Rose Byrne

Hello all,

A couple of days ago I watched "Adam" with Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne, and it was great. The love story was sweet, simple and very touching.

But most of all Rose Byrne was gorgeous in it, and really stand-out. Apparently she's also in the show "Damages," which is a really good show about...something. Or so I hear.

She has also made quite an impression on the red carpets and at events. Her look is sophisticated and classes, but she's not afraid to add something to make it out of the ordinary like a super short hem, wild prints, or colorful details.

Hope you're as inspired as I am.

Here is how Rose does red-carpet glam.

Here is how Rose does a lot of color with a lot of class.

Here is how Rose recreates the LBD.

Here is how Rose does a sophisticated date look. (My absolute favorite, that splash for green silk is stunning against the monochromatic background.


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  1. I loved her in I Capture The Castle and Damages. <3