October 2, 2009

Zach's Comedy Career Part 2

So, as I expected, I went 0/5 for getting into comedy troupes, so I just decided to go ahead with it and make a shortform improv troupe. There is our logo. I'm not sure I like the butterfly though.

For those of Emerson who would like to join the schedule is as follows

Saturday October 10th 1-3pm

Sunday October 11th 1-3pm

*If you're going away for Columbus Day weekend, send me an e-mail, zachandkimya@gmail.com, and we'll set something else up.

So thats how thats going.

Also in the past week I went from....

1. Getting Excited for a radio
2. Not having a radio show
3. Having a radio show at 2am on Thursday
4. Having a radio show at noon on Wednesday

At this rate, I might actually have listeners by November

Am I going to break out into comedy this year? Probably not, but I'm gonna try

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