September 23, 2009

Updates on Zach's failing comedy career

Please give me gigs...

So, comedy is kind of my thing, by which I mean I enjoy doing it but I don't get a lot of gigs, but its yet to be determined if I have to push myself harder or its just that I'm not really that funny. I'd really like to get some more spots in Boston so that I can put myself on the map.

There are 5 comedy troupes at Emerson I'm trying out for this fall. Emerson Comedy Workshop rejected me, Jimmy's Traveling All Stars gave me a callback, and then rejected me. I've got SwoMo(Swollen Monkey Showcase) tonight at 7:15, and Chocolate Cake City(pretty much the biggest comedy troupe) and This is Pathetic(founded by David Cross) this weekend. I'm not feeling too sure about any of them because I'm not really a sketch comedy guy (although SwoMo is half improv, and TIP is all improv), but I really want to get into them, so at the very least I find myself hanging around comedians more.

I don't have any videos I like of me performing stand up, so here's some of my favorite comedians that I have performed with.

Gordon Baker-Bone

Gordon is probably my favorite comedian I know personally. I admire his ability to just riff for minutes upon minutes and kill.

Blake Wexler

A fellow Emersonian, very funny guy. Someday I hope to ride his coattails to semi-fame.

Max Fox

Another Emerson kid who is funnier than me.

Paul Lyons

He's been on Comedy Central and stuff, I think. He was the pro at the end of my first show I ever did. He's also a really nice guy.

Gregory Korostishevsky

Otherwise known as Gregory K, he's the immigrant guy in that Conan video, I couldn't find any videos of him doing standup, but he's really funny. And the great part is he's on commercials all the time and I always freak out when I see him, it makes me feel almost famous.

I can't post too many videos, else it gets annoying but honorable mention to Michael Hayne, Alec Sobel, Sean O'Connor, Buda, and of course, Pat Bean and Justin Schilling, my Six Flags comrades.

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  1. I think you are REALLY funny and I give u kudos for getting out there and trying!!!!