August 2, 2009

Mellow Johnny's and Coffee are for Sundays

Hi Everyone,

It's pretty overcast with a little drizzle here in Austin, TX.

This morning I went for a jog on Town Lake, and made it through the muggy weather. I missed my Friday workout, so I had to make up for it today. I may be weird but I LOVE how I feel when I'm sweating and I work so hard my legs get all shaky.

Afterwards, I went to the Juan Pelota Cafe located inside Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop (owned by local and international hero Lance Amrstrong).

(Juan Pelota Cafe from

(Sign on 4th and Nueces from here)

They also have a really neat bike shop for cycling enthusiasts that spans two floors, and the whole staff is really friendly and knowledgable. I'm not much of a cyclist (except on the spin bike) but it was so fun to look around. They even have bikes on display that Lance rode in the Tour de France!

Now, I'm on my second cup of coffee and reading me some Sylvia Plath...isn't this what Sundays should be about?

Seeing Food Inc. tonight. Will report back with my thoughts.

Enjoy the last bit of weekend!


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