May 5, 2009

Goodbye Boston...

This is the current weather in Boston. Drizzly, chilly, sad....cold and industrial. I guess it fits the emotions I have about leaving my surrogate city. It's a second home with me and has provided me with so many memories...most of them good. Staggering back home at 2am, meeting so many great people, amazing concerts, frequent walks in the Gardens no matter what the weather conditions are, walking down Newbury after a night of trivia...all of these things are so dear to me and I can't wait to resume them.

I will go back to Texas and complain about the heat (but secretly be thankful), drive cars again, read for pleasure, go back to working a decent job to earn money, and hopefully swimming often and learning how to be a great cook. As much as I hate to say goodbye (and I am truly awful at it), this seperation is needed. Seperation from people, setting, and similar routines; a good balance of things is key to savoring every second of life.

Tomorrow, at this time, I'll be on a plane, watching a movie or napping to some Ryan Adams, but I know that it will be bittersweet. But I'll be going home to wonderful people who love me very much, so I can't be too upset about that.

Best wishes to all on your summer adventures, but for now, I must clean up this quickly accumulating mess of my left-over belongings.


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